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Voice Over * Music * Sound Effects

singerOur sound editing brings together and balances your voice over, music, and sound effects to make a perfect accompaniment to your Audio Animation. 

Voice Over

voice-over-artistDirecting a voice production is a key component to your end result. That's why our team of voice artists have incredible range and diversity, capable of straight ahead business, humorous cartoon style, hyper salesy, foreign accent, and more. 

We coordinate with them to obtain the proper inflection, ensuring your script has emphasis in all the right places. 


png saxophone-playing-love-songFor many years the idea of rationality was supreme with the notion that people based their decisions on logic. Well, we now know that just isn't the case. And surely you are aware that music evokes feeling and emotion is what ignites action. Music also helps a viewer/listener put context to what they are seeing. For example, humorous music lets someone know that this is lighthearted. That's important because sometimes humor can be missed otherwise. The same goes for setting a stage for action or suspense. 

So, if you choose to have music added to your Audio Animation, we'll be sure to assist you in getting the proper mood implemented. We even have a professional musician on staff with extensive movie score credits - a tremendous asset in aligning message and music to evoke the proper effect. 

Sound Effects

SoundsNormally sound effects are associated with lightharted or humorous Audio Animations. However, that's not always the case. Even sound effects such as phone ringing, a car hitting the brakes, collision or a door slamming provide helpful queues to viewers and further solidifies your visual message. The proper placement and selection of sound effects they serve as the 'icing on the cake'. 



See our entire process overview. 

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