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Animation Script Development

jpg BBA0127Audio Animations can construct a script from scratch or utilize existing content that you already have that is designed for presentation.

Whether we use your content or newly developed material, we'll leverage a range of different storytelling techniques to lay the groundwork for developing a compelling video.

Planned Use of Your Audio Animation

Identifying use for your Audio Animation is key to script development because different, as different applications typically have differnt optimal time lengths. After determining how your Audio Animation will be used, a lot of other factors can fall into line, such as the running time. Once these elements are known, we should be we can start to focus on message and style.  

Animation Script Story Telling

It'a all about the story. Animations are frequently short stories or commercials and telling them is key. A range of styles can be leveraged, and there are many keys to delivery. For example, you don't want to talk above or below your audience. Humor can be great but can also be tricky. After all, what we are usually seeking is action. 

Developing a story that both captivates and evokes action is what 99% of our customers are seeking. We're sure you can relate.

No matter the direction of the story, we stick to proven methods that storytellers have been using for eons to make messaging effective and memorable. In addition, we tap the most recent research about emotion and psychology triggers which are keys to evoke action.

And, if you already have a script or even a script concept, we can leverage it ensuring that your key points are maintained. 

Our Process Helps Evoke a Great Story

In some cases your objective may drive story construction itself. For example, if you want to build your brand story is critical. This is where our years of marketing expertise can really help.

Just going through our process itself you may discover a whole new marketing angle you never thought of before. If so, we are happy to help!


See our entire process overview. 

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