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Generating Action
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Generate Leads

Bizman-phoneWhat can be better than having a line of new customers waiting to talk to you. Viral marketing has been known of for a while now however what isn't know is that animated videos - especially those that educate as well as sell - are built to be viral. Why? Just because they are interesting. People love the unusual and even though animated drawings have been around for several years they are still extremely compelling (especially ours!). 

How do you generate leads? There are the obvious uses such as youtube but there's also email campaigns and through tradeshows and other events. Create your promotional material around an Audio Animation and reinforce your messaging! 


Generate Sales

BizMan-inmoneyIt's one thing to generate interest but it's another thing to generate sales. However, an Audio Animation can help you achieve both.

Again, this is where we THINK differently from other companies. Our background in marketing assists greatly in moving individuals through a sales cycle. We are always thinking in that manner when your objective is sales oriented.

When developing scripts and your intention is to sell we make sure that we include strong calls to action. In addition, our focus on YOUR VALUE and differentation assist tremendously in leading prospects to sale.

This is just another reason why Audio Animators moves beyond visual story telling into marketing, business development, and utlimately your success.

Generate Buzz

BizMan-thumbsupCreating buzz in your industry may be way easier than you think. Why? Because typically many industries remain extremely conservative. That's fine however, by standing out is how you get recognized. That doesn't mean you have to be crazy or extreme or even too risky. 

This is where an Audio Animation can help. 

We can explain your story in a fashion that matches your corporate image and brand. We don't have to step afield from what you are representing in your existing messaging. For example, no need for cartoon style if you are a law firm, chemical/pharma, or any conservative business. We offer straight ahead design for even the most stately businesses. 

We'll help you create buzz by standing out while not being radical. 

Get noticed in your segment, get attention, get press, and most importantly get business. 

You'll be surprised how utilizing an Audio Animation can really make you pop ahead of competitors.