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Best-DealVideo Whiteboards Now for Everyone

No longer just for big companies with HUGE marketing budgets, Audio Animators video whiteboards are specifically designed to be within the reach of companies small, medium, and large. While our competitors charge upwards of $6,000 PER MINUTE OR MORE, we provide high quality animations at extremely affordable rates

To achieve affordabilty, we provide a range of pricing packages and options so that you obtain a fantastic animation at a great rate.

High quality professional viral video content that's totally affordable!

Compare & Save by Focusing on What Matters

We have a different slant than many other companies in our niche. Our founders' backgrounds are in marketing, business development, content development, editing, writing, project management, and business management. This means we focus on getting viewers to take action. That's what we want for you, no matter the focus of your Audio Animation.

Yes, entertainment is important and so are all other aspects - both visual and auditory. However, we all know that we are creating an Audio Animation to get individuals to DO something.

Hey - we LOVE Artists but they are team members ...not the founders of our company

ArtistsOur artists are fantastic people and amazing contributors. They are talented, extremely skilled, and provide excellent insight to obtain high quality visual messages.

Yet, they are the first to admit that they certainly aren't marketers nor storytellers. Even our artists with extensive experience in comic book storytelling know that business messaging just isn't the same thing. 

So, we tell a story and our artists depict it!

Your Business Partner

We have the ability to not only provide you with the highest quality video whiteboard Audio Animation but to assist in all other aspects of message delivery. 

Here's an example. A client of ours wanted to do an Audio Animation but wasn't sure what to do. He loved our work but just wasn't sure where to go. So, we had a chat and it was clear that based upon his business and what he's trying to accomplish, that a 1-2 minute general Audio Animation would not fully suit his purposes.

We talked further and found that the perfect solution was to create a series of brief videos (:30 - :45 sec) that were humorous and could serve as commercials. We discussed how his business could use those in advertising and email marketing campaigns to create a highly unified message with widespread appeal. Also, it revealed the potenial for a viral marketing aspect because of the humor involved. 

Another example involved a client who didn't have the capacity or internal expertise to market their videos. Typically we just deliver a final Audio Animation to our client and they take it from there. However, he lacked the manpower and knowledge of how to leverage the power of an Audio Animation. So, he asked us what we could do for him. We went forward to assist by getting a youtube channel going, website placement, and landing page design. In addition, we suggested other options to build wider distribution and ideas on how to leverage his existing marketing efforts to gain further exposure and use of his Audio Animation.

So, as you can see, we go far beyond video animation development into the realm of video marketing. Whether you need those services or not, it's always nice to know that we have your back should you desire additional assistance. 

mcoloradoFocusing on Value in Colorado, USA

English is #1 here. We aren't outsourced and we aren't in India or elsewhere.

Also, we focus on our expertise, which is getting you an Audio Animator video animation that will cause your target customers to take action! 


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