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    It has been proven that animated video presentations convert at higher rates than other forms of communication.

    Generate Sales.

    Accelerate customers through highly effective explanation of your products and services.

    Generate Buzz.

    Gain interest and curiosity with a viral video.

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Communicate More - Faster - With Better Results


  • 70% of top search listings contain AT LEAST one video
  • Video increases time on site by 2-5x - that means more sales and conversions
  • Websites with video are 3x more likely to obtain inbound links from social sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook, etc.)
  • 60% of website visitors watch video content BEFORE reading text on the same page
  • 60% of people who watch videos SHARE with others


  • Video promotion is SIX TIMES more effective than print or direct mail
  • Video increases conversion by 30-40% whether online or person-to-person
  • For employee training and support video typically reduces cost by ~14%


  • 42% of videos watched on tablets are OVER 10 minutes
  • 52% of videos on PCs are UNDER 3 minutes
  • Internet viewers watch an average of 186 videos per month

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